3 Steps To Start Programming From (Scratch) in 2022

3 Steps To Start Programming From (Scratch) in 2022

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So Programming huh...

Let me tell you about myself I'm Harshit Saxena working as a Salesforce Developer for 2 years. Witnessing my journey and many other very successful programmers all over the world many of my friends and family mates asked me how to get into programming or How can we change our career into programming or IT. So I thought of writing a blog for all those people who are stuck where to start.

Firstly, Programming is no joke!! what if you want to play the piano and want to play in the orchestra you cannot just play like a professional pianist in an orchestra you have to devote time and be dedicated. So if you can dedicate your time and will to programming, It will be piece of cake. So million dollar question Do you need a Computer Science Degree ?

NO, I don't have a computer science degree

I know it can be intimidating but trust me if I can do it You can too.

Programming is like Hardware Shop and Programming Languages are like Tools in the hardware shop.

You ask the shopkeeper if you want to use nails for one of your paintings you'll be suggested to use a hammer, not a screwdriver. So the Programming Languages are based on what you want to accomplish or what do you want to build.

Web DevelopmentHTML,CSS,Sass,Javascript,NodeJs,Python,PHP,Ruby, Java, Golang, etcTodo application, Forms, Self counter, Personal Portfolio
Mobile DevelopmentFlutter, Kotlin, Java, SwiftForms, Wallpaper download, Chat application, Personal Portfolio, and many more.
Database administratorPython, Java, Oracle® PL/SQL, Linux, Big dataInventory management, Railway system management, Saving Data for Student Records, and many more
Software quality assurance (QA) engineerJava, Python, JavascriptTesting the code that is already been written, designing the test scenarios. Reviewing the test for functional, logical, and potential problems.
Network System administratorPython, Perl, JavaProviding security and protection from viruses and malware to your system, making sure that your code is fully protected from any breach. or providing necessary measures to build and robust codebase.

There are many paths and projects and innumerable languages that you can follow. But I've listed a few that are high in demand for Corporate jobs and for Open Source projects.


This is what I have followed and told by mentors and can not stress that enough BUILD A PROJECT I've made that mistake that you might be making right now. Just watching youtube Tutorials and thinking that now I know how For loop works. The problem with this approach is you're spending 2Hours or 4Hours on that and believe that tutorial is very helpful but you need to build something with the knowledge you've attained by learning and programming that code block.

So that's why I've suggested to you some projects that you can build along with the course that you're following, Believe me soon you'll realize that building some projects is the best way to learn programming period.


What are those fundamentals ? you ask.

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Conditional manipulation
  • DOM manipulation

3. Practice Practice Practice

I've witnessed some people who want to learn to program but are not willing to give time to it. This is the harsh truth about programming and in Life in general you cannot become good if you cannot devote your time, energy to it. You should have

Will of fire

The hardest part is to stay motivated that you'll be a great programmer, you will get a job in tech. For that, I may advise you to get a fellow programmer with you who is starting this journey with you and get that adrenaline rush to code for longer and achieve that goal of yours.

And if you have bad luck like mine cause I was alone back in the time when I started my programming journey so I was self-motivated, I believe in myself. Cause everything is achievable if you work hard for it.

So, I will not say this is the end cause this is the new beginning for you.

Your Journey begins Now.

Happy coding fellow coder from the Internet.

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